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Artist Blacksmith : Julian Wadsworth

"The expression of our time now, through a medium of ancient significance."

Welcome to the timeless world of metalwork and forgework.

What is Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is the craft where, by working the iron in its hot, plastic state it is possible to shape and transform what is normally considered a hard-edged material into an altogether softer, more fluid expression.

From small fittings to larger architectural applications, ironwork may be designed and used to enrich both the visual and physical aspects of our environment.


Whether public or private commissions, from design concept to full realisation, open communication and two way dialogue is welcome, as finer tuning of the design at early stages can often result in greater and more unusual detailing. It is here that iron working gives the chance for personal expression and thereby uniqueness in the detailing to the specific commission.

It is the ART, or unison, that drives the CRAFT, and good craft enables full and lasting realisation. I use a wide variety of blacksmith and metal working techniques including hot forging processes, plate and sheet forming, repousse, rivetting, welding, pattern making for cast iron work and etching. Their appropriate application is determined by the type of work itself.

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